Welcome to our blog.
24 Days to go!

Welcome to the Great British Car Journey Blog. You join us just 24 days away from officially opening our doors to the public and it has only been 4 years, nine months and 24 days coming!

As we start to hang the banners and move the cars in to the main hall, my vision from 2015 is rapidly becoming a reality as the building starts to fill up and take shape.

As you can imagine, with well over 100 cars in the exhibition and 32 in the Drive Dad’s Car experience there has been plenty of moving, shunting, nudging and bump starting going on!

I have added a few photographs to this blog to illustrate the ‘journey‘ we have been on, getting this wonderful venue on the banks of the River Derwent ready to deliver what we believe will an exciting new attraction in the UK for the car enthusiast and families alike.

We will be updating the blog daily from next week, so do check back for the latest updates, but for this Bank Holiday weekend my staff and I will be taking a deserved few days off to recharge our batteries ahead of the final push to get everything ready for May 22nd.

If you are planning to come and take the tour or book a driving experience during our opening month, Covid guidelines mean we have halved the daily capacity, so we would urge you to book your places as soon as possible.

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