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A Trip Down Memory Lane for Father’s Day

If you’re searching for a unique and unforgettable gift for Dad this Father’s Day, why not take him on a nostalgic trip down memory lane? At our museum, the Great British Car Journey, we boast an impressive collection of over 150 cars, with more than 50 available on the Drive Dad’s Car driving fleet for Dad to actually get behind the wheel and drive! Each car is a piece of automotive history, ready to reignite cherished memories and create new ones.
Whether you’re planning to visit us on Father’s Day itself or prefer the flexibility of a voucher for a future adventure, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to give Dad a truly nostalgic gift that he’ll treasure for years to come
So why settle for the ordinary when you can gift him an extraordinary journey through time?

Special Offer to Drive 2 Cars for just £99

This Father’s Day, make memories that will last a lifetime with this very special Drive Dad’s Car offer! Treat your dad to an unforgettable nostalgic experience with our Double the Memories special and enjoy the ultimate trip down memory lane together!

He can drive any 2 cars: Let Dad choose from our prestigious driving fleet of over 50 classic cars. Once purchased the voucher is valid for 12 months so can be used any time 

Share the excitement together! Dad can take you along for the ride as a passenger in both drives for free and you both get free museum entry too.

Sold separately this would normally cost £156, but for Father’s Day, it’s yours for just £99!. So don’t miss out and order today as offer ends midnight on the 15th June 2024

WARNING – we cannot be held responsible for your Dad’s actions if the following words are uttered during the drive:  “Are we nearly there yet?!” Or “I need a wee!”

All Dads Get Free Admission on Sunday 16th June

Make this Father’s Day truly memorable with our exclusive online only offer! 

Our special Father’s Day Family Ticket admits up to 4 adults and 3 children for just £38! so you can all enjoy a day filled with nostalgia as you all reminisce over old family cars and days gone by. We even have a child-friendly tour to keep younger members of the family entertained. The Filling Station Cafe is open too providing meals & snacks

Dads Go FREE: Show your appreciation for Dad with this special offer! Save £32 on the normal price as up to two 2 Dads can enjoy complimentary admission on Father’s Day with every family ticket.

This offer is valid only for pre-booked family tickets booked for admission on Father’s Day – 16th June 2024.

Give Dad the gift of a memorable experience this Father’s Day with Great British Car Journey. Book your tickets now and embark on a fun trip down memory lane

This fun video might bring back some memories and explain why we think a drive in one of our cars might make the perfect Father’s Day gift 

We also have an online shop with other great gift ideas for Father’s Day 

  • Gifts for over 100 different makes of car
  • 25+ different types of product available
  • Vouchers & Gift Cards
  • Fathers Day Cards 
  • Posters from the Museum
  • Upload your own car photo gifts 
  • Personalised signs & gifts

Whats Going on in April at Great British Car Journey – Happy Easter!

Spring Is In The Air At Ambergate

– We are now finally open 7 days a week!

– Drive Dads Car on for eight days in April

– Back by popular demand, we are running our DeLorean rides on selected days in April

– Kids go absolutely FREE March 29th – April 14th

– A Fun easter egg hunt for the Kids, find all 9 spots where Riley the Rabbit’s hiding

TWO New Additions to our Driving Fleet!

appearing in april socials

Hop into 2 ultra rare and super cool classics this easter! Brand new to our driving fleet for April!

The first is our stunning 1958 Austin Healey 100/6, which is a reminder of an era of the Great British Sports Car. You can find this in our Luxury collection!

And the second is our 1994 Ford Granada MK3. King of the company car park, for the man who made it in sales. You can find this in our Classic collection!

DeLorean Rides In April

  • Back by popular demand, we are brining back our DeLorean rides on the 30th March and the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 13th April! Come and have a ride in our 1980s DeLorean DMC 12 for just £10 a lap.

Kids In The Holidays

  • From the 29th March to the 14th April kids go absolutely FREE
  • They can see a real F1 car, A Delorean, James Bond-style Lotus, Bentley once owned by Sir Elton John and Princess Annes Reliant Scimitar.
  • See cars being driven on selected days and even take a ride/drive yourself
  • Along with the free entry, from the 29th to the 31st of March we have a fab easter egg hunt for your kids to enjoy. Find all 9 spots where Riley The Rabbit is hiding in the attraction, jot down the numberplates of the cars he’s hiding in, and hand the form into reception and you can receive your reward.

What Else Is Going On In April?

Along with running the Drive Dads Car days, we have some great meet ups for you to enjoy too:

For April we have some fantastic events:


  • COFFEES & CARS with Takona Hosting – Sunday 14th April

  • AUSTIN EXTRAVAGANZASunday 14th April

  • DRIVE IT DAY – Sunday 21st April
  • GBCM GREAT BRITISH CAR MEET – Friday 26th April
  • AUTO ITALIANE – Sunday 28th April

Great British Car Meet - 1st April!

Finally, this month we are having our first Great British Car Meet of the year!

Come down on the 1st of April 10am – 4pm for just £5 per car (free for members)


10am – 4pm

Book your tickets for the Great British Car Meet here

All makes and models welcome (classic cars, vintage cars or modern cars)…with their owners!

Entrance to the Great British Car Meet is £5 per car.

Whats Going on in March at Great British Car Journey

This Month we Have Plenty to Keep You Interested

March is shaping up to be a fantastic month here at the Great British Car Journey, especially as all the winter weather starts to make way for spring. From Friday 15th March we will be back open 7 days a week 

So if you have children or grandchildren to entertain, why not bring them to our interactive museum featuring iconic cars made in Britain. See a real F1 racer and a car made more than 120 years ago.

We are also running our Drive Dad’s Car driving experiences   on the 2nd, 10th, 16th, 20th, 24th, 27th, and 30th March and we have two exciting new additions to the fleet to wet your appetite (see below)

On the 10th of March bring down your mum for Mothers Day, or how about checking out the events we are holding throughout March…

TWO New Additions to our Driving Fleet!

Introducing two ultra-rare and uber-cool 1980s British Sports Saloons to our driving fleet!

The first is our stunning 1986 Rover SD1 Vitesse Twin Plenum, with its 3500 V8 and manual gearbox this legendary car is certain to put a smile on anyone’s face

And the second is our 1989 MG Montego 2.0 EFi. This sporty saloon makes a perfect addition to our MG Maestro also on our fleet, especially with 115hp under the bonnet


Mum’s car was probably just as important as Dad’s in your early life. It was probably Mum who took you to school, dragged you to the shops and acted as a taxi to all those teenage parties. It was probably Mum’s car in which you learned to drive and from which on that joyful day, the L plates were removed. Before you bought your first car, it was probably Mum’s that you borrowed?

So why not buy Mum a slice of nostalgia for Mother’s Day and bring her to Great British Car Journey? She will almost certainly see some of the cars she has owned and you can book her a ride or drive in one of her favourites.

Mother’s Day is all about the memories of all the great things Mum has done for you. For most of us, Mum’s cars were a large part of that rich tapestry of love.

Share your Mum’s car memories with us on Facebook: our favourite three will win a £10 voucher for use in our “Filling Station” café.



Along with running the Drive Dads Car days, we have some great meet ups for you to enjoy too:

For March we have some fantastic events:

  • COFFEES & CARS with Takona Hosting – Sunday 10th March




Christmas Lunches & Dinners at the Filling Station Cafe

We’re delighted to now offer evening meals alongside our Christmas lunches at the Filling Station Cafe this festive season for just £18.95 for 2-courses or £20.95 for 3-courses.

You and your friends, group, colleagues, organisation or family can book Monday to Thursday from 6pm-8pm throughout both November and December or Monday to Thursday in November from 12pm-2pm, and Monday to Friday in December 12pm-2pm for a really unique Christmas treat. We have a delicious traditional Christmas menu or you can choose from our standard menu 

For more information please contact us or email to book your festive get-together (minimum group size is 15 and maximum 40).

The Great British Car Journey is also a unique destination for any Corporate Event in Derbyshire 

We can also arrange private tours of the attraction during the winter months or classic car driving sessions tailored to your specific group 

We are a lot more than just a summer visitor attraction and can offer the best Christmas events in Ambergate, Derbyshire and the Peak District for anybody that enjoys a bit of nostalgia   


Join us for 75th celebrations at our Morris Minor Day

Morris Minor Million

The Morris Minor made its debut at the British Motor Show at Earls Court in October 1948. Alec Issigonis’ first great volume design is therefore 75 years old this year.

The Minor is central to the story of Great British Car Journey, being the best selling and most loved, next generation of true family transport after the war and taking over the mantle from the Austin 7.

Hopefully, Sunday 21st May will be a lovely early Summer day and we would like to assemble as many Morris Minors as possible to celebrate this marvellous little car.

We have a great selection of Morris Minors in the collection including a wonderful early convertible from 1950 and the last Minor ever made, kindly on loan from the Morris Minor Owners Club, as well as two Minor Millions!

Although Morris himself was no great fan of the Minor, it is a landmark vehicle in the history of Great British cars with more than 1.7 million being built between 1948 and 1971.

Joining us on Sunday will be members of the Northamptonshire Branch of the Morris Minor Club, along with ‘Miranda’ the Morris Minor Marie Curie fundraiser.

A special event entry price is available for all Morris Minors attending so if you are coming in a Minor please email your interest and car registration number to so we can discount your admission.

If you are a Morris Minor fan but don’t own, pop along to see the fantastic display.

Rover Day – 14 May 2023

Rover Day 2023 at Great British Car Journey

Hopefully watching from above, John Kemp Starley, would have observed the car park at Great British Car Journey largely populated by Rovers on Sunday 14th May 2023 as we celebrated the great British institution that was Rover cars. Of course, Starley made his considerable reputation with his Rover ‘safety’ bicycle and it was not until 1904 that the first Rover car took to the road, preceded by some motorbikes and an ingenious electric tricycle.

Over the next 100 years, Rover concentrated on cars and although Starley died in 1901, his legacy was more than present in our car park for our Rover themed day.

I would like to thank all the owners of the cars who made our first Rover Day so memorable. In particular, the enthusiastic Rover 200 and 400 Owners Club and their events co-ordinator Iain Turner for putting on a great display of some of the last high volume Rovers ever made. Iain has a pristine Rover 200vi which was one of the last really hot hatches to carry the Rover name.

The famous Viking Ship logo was visible on virtually all the significant post-war models on display with a number of P6 and SD1s present representing an era when Rover lost its rather staid image with some truly inspirational models. Sadly, the Rover car story ended in 2005, when the closure of Longbridge ended production of the 75.

Rover Day however, was a celebration of the greatness of Rover and I look forward to celebrating again next year with even more cars!

Our themed events programme continues this weekend with a 75th birthday celebration of Alec Issigonis’ first great success, the Morris Minor. If you own one or just love them, join us next Sunday!

Richard Usher
Found and CEO, Great British Car Journey

Come & Meet the Fleet on the 27th May

With over 35 cars available to drive as part of the Drive Dads Car Experience it is not often you get to see them all on display at the same time and to add to the excitement we will be adding 5 new cars to the fleet on the day. This will take our cars available to drive to over 40 different models – the largest selection of its kind in the UK by some way.

This means you will get to see all 40 Drive Dads cars alongside the 130+ cars in the museum making this a very special day for all classic car fans.

Tickets for the day are for museum entry and to view the full fleet – drives must be booked separately and are not available on the 27th. You can pay for entry on the day but if you book online in advance you will save 10% on your tickets.

We will also be offering some very special deals that will only be available to visitors attending the Meet the Fleet day that will make great Father’s Day presents or just enable you to try out more and more cars with extra discounts…

Classic Collection car drives will be reduced from £49 to to £30!

Premium Collection car drives reduced from £65 to £39!

Luxury Collection car drives from £75 down to £49!

NB: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

To book tickets for the day click the red button below.

This blog is on the Great British Car Journey website so please click here if you want to go back to the Drive Dads Car Website.

Help us raise funds for Childline on Drive it Day 2023

Members of the Great British Car Club or a Motor Sport UK affiliated club are invited to join Great British Car Journey’s special driving tour through the Peak District on Sunday 23 April.

A range of classic cars and their owners will be departing from the visitor attraction in Ambergate from 9:45am, for the White Peak tour – a 40-mile route through some of the Peak District and Derbyshire’s most beautiful countryside.

The stunning route, which starts and finishes at Great British Car Journey, has been approved by Motorsport UK as a non-competitive touring assembly.

Richard Usher, Founder and CEO of Great British Car Journey explained: “Our expert navigational wizard, Steve White, has put together a pretty wonderful route which we believe will take you on roads you have never been on before. I drove the route recently myself and it was unbelievably scenic and very restful.”

The annual Drive It Day event is organised by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) and is designed to raise money for NSPCC’s Childline service.

In addition to the driving tour, Great British Car Journey is fundraising on the day at the attraction and is inviting everyone to get involved, and help raise money for Childline.

On the day Great British Car Journey has pledged to donate the following to Childline:

  • Half the White Peak Tour entry fee (£25)
  • 10% of Great British Car Journey admission
  • 10% of revenue from The Filling Station Cafe
  • £5 from every Great British Car Club membership sign up. New members will also receive a free Great British Car Journey mug.

The £25 White Peak Tour entry fee also includes a Drive it Day 2023 car plaque and two free hot drinks in The Filling Station Café at Great British Car Journey.

In addition to the driving event and fundraising, a very special classic car handover will also be taking place at Great British Car Journey on the day.

Tom Keene, a 32 year old classic car enthusiast from Sandiway in Cheshire, will be handed the keys to a Pre-War Austin 7 Club’s RP Box Saloon at 11.00am.

The handover is part of the Classic Car Loan Project, which aims to encourage the next generation of classic car owners by giving younger drivers free use of a classic car for up to a year as an extended driving experience.

Young enthusiasts, normally aged 25 years or older and with some level of interest and aptitude, can apply to borrow a a range of cars. There are no hire or loan charges involved, they just have to look after the car as if it was their own.

The car was previously driven by Liam Murphy from Mansfield who has been the custodian of the car since 2021. He has documented his adventures in the 1933 Austin 7 Club’s RP Box Saloon on YouTube at @Austin7Adventures  and Instagram at @austin7adventures.

The car will now continue its adventures with Tom who has been saving up for his own classic car since he was a boy after his dad took him to Oulton Park.

To join Great British Car Journey’s White Peak Tour on Drive it Day please email or call 01773 317243 to book your place.

You can sign up for the White Peak Tour between 9am and 9:45am on the day at Great British Car Journey, however you will need proof of club membership.

Join us to celebrate “Best of British Day” on Sunday 2nd April

We are celebrating everything BRITISH on April 2nd and our anchor club for this event is the Morgan Sports Car Club…surely there is nothing more quintessentially British than a sports car manufactured in the shadow of the Malvern Hills for well over 100 years.

Well, of course this will open a can of worms: What about MG, Morris, Austin or even Austin Healey … and Bentley, Rolls Royce???

Let’s see how many British built cars we can get together…look on it as a dress rehearsal for Drive It Day on April 23rd!

  • Along with the Morgans and other exciting British cars that will be on show in the car park you will find over 130 British Classics in the Museum to enjoy  
  • The Filling Station Cafe will be open as usual serving great coffee, drinks and snacks
  • Unique British Car car merchandise will be available in our gift shop 

As always Great British Car Club Members are free to attend but will need to pre-book 

We would love to see you and your British pride and joy on April 2nd.

Please share our event on your social media


Future Events

Great British Car Meet Easter Monday 10th April

Great British Car Journey Car Meet

The 2nd Great British Car Meet of the year is on Easter Monday so has the added bonus of the opportunity to upgrade your visit with reduced price admission to our Interactive Museum

As you may know the Great British Car Meet is the new name for our very popular Gatherings from last year and welcomes owners of all makes and models from classic cars to vintage cars to modern cars

Entrance to the Great British Car Meet is £5 per car and is redeemable against entry on the day or a future visit to Great British Car Journey or Membership of Great British Car Club. 

As always Great British Car Club Members are free to attend but will need to pre-book directly.

Great British Car Club is affiliated to MotorSport UK and the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

Please share our event on your social media


Future Events