From one Extreme to the other!

I doubt anyone else on the planet has driven two cars at the extreme end of the spectrum as I have today.

Our 2000 Reliant Robin is one of the last ever made and always makes me smile. I did a couple of laps of the Drive Dads Car driving route today and it whistled along in its own slightly terrifying way!

The gear change is slightly eccentric, the handling is slightly scary but it goes quite quickly and is a very light and easy way of getting from A to B. At over 8 grand  20 years ago, it was quite an expensive proposition and sadly the end was almost nigh.

Tonight, on a beautiful (at last) Spring evening I took the McLaren for dinner with Mrs Usher at the marvellous Lathkil Hotel in Over Haddon. The contrast with the Reliant makes chalk and cheese look like twin brothers. It is an epic car and probably one of the last true Supercars to unashamedly gulp fuel at a truly prodigious rate when driven with spirit. I think it will need a bit of a clean before it goes back on display tomorrow.

So we have almost completed our first week. Thankyou to well over a thousand people who have already paid us a visit and I look forward to meeting plenty more of you over the weekend.

Reliant and McLaren in one day : I truly do love cars!!!