About Our Merchandise

About Our Merchandise

When we first started Great  British Car Journey we realised how hard it was to buy merchandise for certain classic cars, so we made it our mission to go out there and create the best range of classic car merchandise.

Products are available both online and instore. We also have a huge archive of classic car images so, if you are looking for something specific then please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can help.

1955 Austin A30 - Metal Plate Print 20cm x 30cm

Autocar Covers

As part of an agreement with the Haymarket Media Group, we have the exclusive rights to reproduce images and articles from the Autocar archive, which spans more than 125 years of automotive history and features beautiful illustrations of classic cars

We have initially curated a range of over 100 of Autocar’s most iconic covers to offer as wall art, as well as making them available as posters, metal plates, stretched canvas, framed canvas and framed wall art.

Photos of Our Cars

We wanted to make sure we had merchandise available for every car featured in in the Great British Car Journey exhibition and Drive Dad’s Car fleet, so we have had them all photographed.  

This means we can offer a full range of merchandise of your favourite classic car, including mugs, coasters, t-shirts, cushions, cards and wall art.

We are currently in the process of uploading all the products.

Upload Your Own Image Metal Plate Print 20cm x 30cm

Upload Your Own Images

We have spent a lot of time creating the Great British Car Journey range merchandise, however you can also  create your own! 

Our ‘print on demand service means you can upload your own classic car pictures and we’ll turn them into a mugs, wall art, cushions, t-shirts, etc for you.

Just click the red button below to create your very own merchandise and benefit from our network of professional printers and manufacturers

Morris Traveller - Metal Plate Print 30cm x 20cm (Landscape)

Our Museum Posters

If you enjoyed the posters we have around the Great British Car Journey exhibition, or you are a fan of classic adverts, then you’ll love the fact you can also buy them.

Like the Autocar covers, all the posters are available as wall art,  including posters, metal plates, stretched canvases, framed canvases, and framed wall art

Onsite Gift Shop

If you can’t find what you’re looking for within our onsite gift shop, then check out our online kiosk located within the giftshop. Here you’ll find our full range of merchandise which can be ordered at the kiosk for delivery direct to your door.  Merchandise includes:

  • Model Cars
  • Books
  • Classic Car Oils
  • Mugs & Coasters
  • Cards & Postcards
  • T-Shirts
  • Autocar covers