Taster Drives

Taster Drives

We are excited to introduce our new taster drives which we are launching on 2nd May 2024 to increase the opportunity for all our visitors to drive as well as see a classic car. Priced at just £25 they are available on Thursdays and Fridays every week. This now means that you can drive a car on 4 days every week.  You do not have to book your taster drive in advance just purchase it at the front desk when you arrive. Please note it is cheaper to book your entrance ticket online in advance of your visit

You can choose from any of the 5 “hero” cars shown below for your drive

What Included?

How To Book

At the moment you just need to book your admission tickets for any Thursday or Friday and you will be able to take your taster drive on the day 

We are not operating Taster drives on Monday, Tuesday or Sunday but  if you are coming on a Drive Dads Car Operating Day you will be able to have a full 20 minute drive in a wider choice of cars from as little as £31.50 (after your admission ticket is deducted from the usual drive price). Drive Dads Car Vouchers can be pre-booked 

Looking for the full Driving Experience?

If you do come to visit us on Wednesday or Saturday you will get the opportunity to choose from our entire Drive Dads Car fleet drives can still be booked at the front desk on arrival but please be aware the only way to 100% guarantee a drive in your favourite car is to buy a voucher in advance and then pre-book a driving slot before your visit.