New Cars Added to the Drive Dads Car Fleet

We are excited to announce that we have now increased our Drive Dads Car Fleet to over 40 classic cars that are all available to be driven. We think we were already the widest selection of classic cars available to drive in the UK so these 7 new models just make it even more likely we will be able to take you or your loved ones on a nostalgic trip down memory lane 

Mini Clubman Estate

Out went the wooden rear end and in came some stick on stripes as the Mini Traveller became the Clubman Estate. Production ended when the Metro was launched as the little hatchback was actually more spacious.

Austin A30

The A30 was the post-war successor to the Austin 7. Launched in 1951, it sold well but was not a match for the Morris Minor which was bigger and launched three years earlier.

Austin A40

Styled by Pininfarina. Compared to the rather rotund A30, it looked crisp and modern even though it relied on the trusty A series engine to power it along. Another fondly remembered Austin .​


Putting a V6 engine into the highly capable Rover 45 shell and restyling it as an MG worked wonders and with 175 BHP on tap, this was a serious performance car., The ZS was a worthy big brother to the equally successful ZR.

Ford Cortina MK4

The family Ford for over twenty years. The Cortina was part of the UK street furniture for 30 years. This MKIV shows off the squarer body that was considered in line with contemporary "folded paper" fashion of the time ​

Ford Granada MK1

Initially built at Dagenham with a 2.5 litre V6 engine, the Granada offers comfort and a very relaxing drive. Made famous by “The Sweeney” whose car was in fact a Consul, the Granada was an aspirational large Ford.​

Vauxhall Chevette

The Chevette shared much of the Viva’s running gear but clothed in an attractive hatchback body. Eventually it was also offered in booted form but the original car was the first small/medium hatchback available in the UK from a mainstream maker.​ Now a very rare car.

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