Mini and Issigonis Day – May 28th

The Suez crisis of 1956 prompted Len Lord who was in charge of BMC the merged Austin and Morris empire, to put the production of a small economical car to the top of the priority list.

Launched in 1959, the Mini was the work of Alec Issigonis who had designed the Morris Minor. The Mini was destined to be the greatest British popular car of all time with well over 5 million being made until the last one rolled off the production line in October 2000.

At Great British Car Journey, we absolutely LOVE Minis and we recognise Sir Alec Issigonis as a genius. Sunday 28th May is the day we acknowledge this! We would like to assemble as many Minis as possible and we reckon, because they are so tiny, we have room for at least 400!!

So if you love Minis and certainly if you own one, we would love to see you at Great British Car Journey on May 28th.

Anyone arriving in a Mini or any Mini derived car is entitled to a special MINI DAY admission price so please email with your car registration number so we can apply discount to your visit. This invitation extends to Elfs Hornets and all Austin / Morris / MG / Riley / Wolseley 1100/1300 variants as we celebrate the genius of Sir Alec and an era when his cars ruled the road and the race and rally circuit.

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