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Help steer the future of Great British Car Club

If you’re a member of the Great British Car Club (GBCC), then we’d love you to help us steer its future.

Great British Car Club now has more than 600 members and we have decided that it is time to give our members more opportunities to be involved with the club.

At the club’s Annual General Meeting, which is being held at Great British Car Journey on Tuesday 26 March, we are inviting YOU, our members, to elect a committee of 12 who will steer GBCC into the future.

GBCC members can stand for any of the committee positions. As a GBCC committee member you will be required to meet quarterly at Ambergate to discuss club affairs.

Even if you don’t put yourself forward for a position, please do cast your vote at teh AGM. Your votes on the night will be vital to the future of our community.

A number of people have already put themselves forward for positions which are all detailed below:


Role: To attend as many club events as possible and preserve our all inclusive ethos of the club. This means whatever you own and drive, you are welcome to become a member of GBCC. w

Nominee: Richard Usher


Role: To steer the committee and build a team which will expand the activities and membership of the club.

Nominee: David Arme


Role: To ensure regular communication with all club members and to coordinate all club events and activities. 

Nominee: Adrian Dale

Marketing and Publicity Officer

Role: To publicise the activities of the club to a wider audience with the aim of growing the club and its activities, managing the club website and social media channels.

Nominee: Oliver Hann


Role: To account for income and expenditure

Nominee: Jane Usher

Events Secretary

To coordinate and organise GBCC presence at external events.

Nominee: Ian Barker

Social Secretary  

Role: To coordinate and organise social gatherings of Club Members away from Ambergate such as visits to local attractions and informal get togethers of Club members.

Nominee: Could this be you?

Touring Assembly Secretary

Role: To organise touring assemblies / weekends  featuring a prescribed route run to MSUK guidelines and permit exemption.

Nominee: Could this be you?

Classic Connections Editor

Role: To oversee and gather content from members for the club’s quarterly magazine Classic Connections.

Nominee: Could this be you?

Modern Classics Officer

Role: To engage with young members and encourage young people to join the classic car movement.  

Nominee: Riley Smith

2 x Committee members without portfolio

Role: To attend Committee meetings and help run club events.  

Nominees: Could this be you?

If you would like more information about the AGM or any of the new committee roles, please email or or call us on 01773 317243 for a chat.