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1958 Nash Metropolitan

Nash Metropolitan 1958 donated in September 2022 by Michael McLean. 

The Nash is a real piece of Automotive Americana built in Longbridge by Austin and exported in considerable numbers. This UK market car is a real time-warp car and we are truly privileged to be its current custodians. Like so many cars at Ambergate, we will never see anything quite like it again. On display in Chapter 2

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1997 Jaguar XJ Sport 3.2

This Jaguar XJ Sport 3.2 1997 was donated by Stuart Sorockyj in December 2022. 

This car belonged to Stuart’s father in law and has been well looked after and cherished for many years. Another product of Ford’s tenure of the Jaguar brand, it combines the original shape of Lyon’s XJ6 with a silky smooth six cylinder engine and a sumptuous interior. 

“Laura” 1972 Triumph 1500

This Triumph 1500 1972 “Laura” donated by Sam Malins in December 2022. 

Sam was given this car by her father in 1997 before she had a driving license and when she passed her test it was her daily driver for a number of years. Prior to Sam, Laura had one owner who finally stopped driving at the age of 94 having covered 27,000 miles in 25 years. Laura is now retired with 57,000 miles on the clock but she drives very well which is a testament to the care lavished on her for more than 50 years. On display in Chapter 4 next to a Triumph Toledo.

1981 Ford Dorchester Granada by Coleman Milne

This beautiful 1981 Ford Dorchester Granada by Coleman Milne has been donated in February 2023 by Andy Lord and is now on display in Chapter 7. 

We love limousines at Great British Car Journey and have a number of fine Daimlers on display with a few more in reserve. However, Although Daimler were the most prolific Limo constructors in the UK , they were by no means alone. Bolton-based Coleman Milne have been producing funeral cars and hearses since the 1950s and this car was delivered to Chesterfield Co-op funeral services in 1981 . 

In 1993, Andy was working as a software engineer and developed a package for undertakers. The Co-op was renewing its fleet and he bought the car and looked after it for the next 30 years. It has covered a mere 40,000 fairly leisurely miles and is now parked in front of a Daimler DS420 in Chapter 7/8.

1999 Jaguar XJ8

Jaguar XJ8 1999 donated by Ian Lingard in March 2023 … currently awaiting service and recommissioning in the workshop. A fine example of a car produced at a time when Ford were pouring plenty of money into Jaguar. This was the first Jaguar saloon to be powered by a V8 engine which delivered almost 300bhp and loads of torque. Ian’s car has been dry stored for many years and not started for at least a decade. We will hopefully bring her back to life. If anyone has a spare offside front wing , we would be delighted to make you an offer as this is the only blemish on a very nice car.