Car Sales & Storage

Car Sales

We never started the Great British Car Journey with the idea of getting involved in car sales but with over 200 cars at Ambergate we sometimes want to sell the odd classic to make way for a different model or one of our collectors has a car they would like to move on so we have created this page on our website to let everybody know what is available. We now get a lot of visitors to our site everyday so if you have a classic car you would like us to help you sell please get in touch  and we will see what we can do 

Car Storage

As we have more cars than we can have on display or being driven at any one time we needed to build quite a big storage facility to keep the cars in when they were not being used so we now have some extra capacity for other car enthusiasts that would like to store their cars at Ambergate that include the following benefits

Car Storage Enquiry Form

Please complete the short form below to let us know about your car and we will be straight back with what we can offer