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1942 Golden Arrow Framed Canvas



With car production virtually halted by the war, Autocar covers featured some great illustrations of previous British achievements thanks to the adverts for Lockheed brakes. This cover from September 25th 1942 features the great Henry Segrave at speed in the amazing “Golden Arrow” on Daytona Beach in 1929. Segrave was, along with Malcolm Campbell and John Cobb, obsessed with speed records on both land and water. This 1929 run was his last successful land speed run and, having set a new water speed record of 98.76 mph on Lake Windermere on June 13th 1930, he was killed when his massive boat Miss England 2 turned over at full speed.

  • Premium Semi Gloss Finished Canvas
  • 1.75 Inch Black Frame
  • Supplied Ready to Hang

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