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1931 Morris Minor Metal Plate Print 20cm x 30cm


The Cover for January 23rd 1931 featured an advert for the Morris Minor aimed very squarely at the Austin Seven. The launch of the Minor three years earlier had been tarnished by the unreliability of its overhead camshaft engine so this was quietly dropped and the car was effectively re-launched. This cover features advanced graphic work to extol the car’s virtues and proves that Morris not only made excellent cars but also had a deft marketing touch. The supporting cast of course includes Rootes and a rare Austin box advert. Ever aware of Ford, Morris still implores the consumer to “Buy British and be Proud of it”.

  • 200 x 300 smaller direct printed onto Metal Plate
  • Vibrant sublimation print featuring rounded corners
  • Can be fixed to walls or used standalone
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