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1922 Brooklands 200 Mile Race Framed Canvas



This cover from the November 24th 1922 edition features the starting line up for the Junior Car Club 200 mile race held at Brooklands on the 25th August for cars of 1500cc or less. The vastness of Brooklands is conveyed by the banking in the background and the width of the starting line up. The cover was advertising KLG Spark Plugs – KLG standing for Kenelm Lee Guinness, a member of the brewing family who owned the company. He was driving car number 6 – a Talbot Darracq – and won the race at an average speed of over 88mph. A similar car finished third driven by the great Henry Segrave, whilst an Aston Martin driven by G C Stead was second. The winning car can be seen clearly on the cover which features adverts for well known cars such as Morris, Humber and Lancia, as well as some long forgotten brands. Guinness invented the KLG spark plug which was a phenomenal success. Sadly, he had a serious racing accident in 1924 in which his riding mechanic was killed. Guinness suffered severe head injuries and, although he recovered, his mental health was compromised and he took his own life at the age of 49.

  • Premium Semi Gloss Finished Canvas
  • 1.75 Inch Black Frame
  • Supplied Ready to Hang

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