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Help us solve the mystery of our latest exhibit

A new car at Great British Car Journey has the attraction’s team scratching their heads.

The latest exhibit to join the 140-strong collection of classic cars – a 1974 Vauxhall Victor FE that has travelled just under 100 miles in 50 years and is in pristine condition – comes with a mystery to solve.

The car was discovered following the owner’s death – a Mr Milner. It was purchased by him in the summer of 1974 from Mercury Garage in Ilkeston. Six years later the car was taken to Derby to undergo Ziebart rustproofing – a popular option at the time – and then put back into storage. It was finally unearthed following Mr Milner’s death.

 Before being stored away, the brightwork had been removed, covered in oil and bagged up and the interior was covered in polythene; all of which served to keep the vehicle in pristine condition over the years.

A range of spare parts for the vehicle, a number of petrol storage containers and a Haynes manual were all found in the boot of the car and remain there where it is on display at Great British Car Journey.

The museum’s social media has blown up since details of the mystery car was shared on it, with people speculating that Mr Milner bought the car, didn’t like it so confined it to storage; the odometer is broken; that it was Bully’s Star Prize on the 80s gameshow Bull’s Eye, and even alien abduction of the owner!

Richard Usher, founder and owner of Great British Car Journey, said: “We would love to know more about this Victor and why the owner never used it. It really is a one of a kind story that we’re desperate to know more about.

“If the name of Mr Milner or the car description rings any bells, please get in touch with us as we would love to solve the puzzle of this mystery car.”

The award-winning visitor attraction and Drive Dad’s Car experience are open throughout the year. Currently operating reduced winter opening hours, Great British Car Journey will open seven days a week during half term from Saturday 11 February until Sunday 26 February.

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