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Great British Car Club committee appointed

Are you a member of our ever-growing Great British Car Club?

Launched in 2021, Great British Car Journey’s own car club welcomes classic car enthusiasts from across the motoring spectrum. Annual membership of the Great British Car Club starts at just £39 per year and entitles members to unlimited free visits to the museum, along with invitations to other special events, newsletters, and discounts on classic car products and in the Filling Station cafe.

Now numbering more that 600 members, we have appointed a 12-strong committee to steer the growth of the club.

Committee members nominated themselves for the roles which were agreed at the Club AGM on 26 March 2024.

The new committee comprises some familiar faces at Great British Car Journey as well as car club members. This strong team will ensure that the Great British Car Club runs like a well-oiled classic on a beautiful summer’s day.

The GBCC committee members are:

Club President Richard Usher

President – Richard Usher
Role: To attend as many club events as possible and preserve our all-inclusive ethos of the club. This means whatever you own and drive, you are welcome to become a GBCC member/

Chairman – David Arme
Role: To steer the committee and continue to build the team which will enable us to further expand the activities and membership of the club.

Secretary – Adrian Dale
Role: To ensure regular communication with all club members and to coordinate all club events and activities.

Marketing and Publicity Officer – Oliver Hann
Role: To publicise the activities of the club to a wider audience in order to grow the club and its activities. Oliver will also manage the club website and social media channels.

Treasurer – Jane Usher
Role: To account for income and expenditure and ensure the club Is financially sustainable.

Events Secretary – Ian Barker
Role: To coordinate and organise the club’s presence at external events.

Social Secretary – Godfrey Hall
Role: To coordinate and organise social gatherings of club members away from Ambergate, such as visits to local attractions and informal get togethers of club members.

Touring Assembly Secretary – Graham Adams
Role: To organise touring assemblies/weekends, Including prescribed routes run to MSUK guidelines and permit exemption.

Classic Connections Editor – Michael Winn
Role: To oversee and gather content from members for the club’s quarterly magazine Classic Connections. See below for a special message from Michael.

Modern Classics Officer – Riley Smith
Role: To engage with young members and encourage young people to join the classic car movement.

Committee Members Without Portfolio – Damian Cliff and Anna Ellison
Role: To attend committee meetings and help run club events.

To become a member of the Great British Car Club, simply click here or speak to a member of staff the next time you visit the museum.

An ‘Eggcellent’ Easter Monday Car Meet

It was great to see so many cars at the latest event at Ambergate yesterday for our Easter Monday Great British Car Meet. Although the weather was very April, it didn’t stop people and cars turning up in their droves! The sun even made one or two brief appearances.

I absolutely love the diversity of classic cars at these events: a beautiful 1947 Rolls-Royce, a sweet little Gilbern GT, an immaculate and immensely rare Mk 3 Cortina 1.3 L,  a couple of Morgan three-wheelers, a Saab 96, alongside the Minis, Metros, Maestros and Maxis (Remember: the four Ms are available to drive on our Drive Dad’s Car fleet).

Every time I went out in the car park, there was another car that caught my eye. I loved having great conversations with you, the owners about the history, the memories and why the car is special to you.

I was often accompanied by film maker extraordinaire Paul Woodford and, when I could prize her away from the Ital complete with roof rack and vintage luggage, the marvellous Sarah Crabtree. Speaking of which, have you seen the episode of Great British Car Share over on our YouTube channel in which Sarah drives (or attempts to drive) our Maxi? Watch it here if you haven’t.

Finally it was great to see road tester par excellence  John Barker and his sons. Many moons ago, John and colleagues started a magazine called EVO for which he still writes. 

I would like to thank everyone who came along to our Easter Monday Great British Car Meet and helped make it such a success.

If you missed out on this or are hungry for more, we also have an evening Car Meet on Friday 28th April and another Bank Holiday Car Meet on Monday 1st May.

Our Car Meets cost just £5 to enter with your car but if you are a member of our fantastic Great British Car Club, then entry to all our Meets is free. For an annual membership fee of just £39 you can come into the Great British Car Journey exhibition as often as you like and also attend a load of Members’ events, as well as get discounts on Drive Dad’s Car drives, in the café, gift shop and a dedicated insurance offer.

The Club is friendly and very inclusive; any car, any make or model and just a passion for classics. See the section on our website for more details on how to join.

Finally, it’s Drive it Day on Sunday 23rd April and the Club has put together a lovely 40 mile drive through the White Peak courtesy of my old friend Steve White whose Model A Ford is the oldest licensed taxi in the UK. If you want to join the run, please give us a call on 01773 317243.

A big thank you to everyone who came along to this event for your enthusiasm and support. I hope to see you again very soon.

Richard Usher

CEO and Founder, Great British Car Journey.