Event Ticket Purchase

Buy Your Event Tickets

There are no additional charges for attending a Great British Car Journey event you just need to purchase a normal Museum Entry ticket for the date of your chosen event. Just click the “Book Now” button below to buy

Tickets are cheaper when purchased in advance but can still be purchased on arrival if you prefer  

Your museum entry ticket will include 

  • Full entry to the museum and its facilities 
  • Interactive car journey tour guide
  • Free Car Parking
  • Free WiFI
  • Access to the cafe and gift shop

If you are part of a larger group or car club your event organiser will have provided you with a discount code – please enter this code on the Basket Details page when you buy your ticket to take advantage of the reduced group admission price

There is no additional cost for attending the event and you can also expect to

  • See a car park full of cars related to the event theme
  • Mingle with like minded car enthusiasts happy to talk about their cars
  • Take additional catering options inside and outside
  • We also sometimes create additional theme related activities  like quizzes and special guests