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DeLorean DMC 12 1981

The DeLorean is a torrid tale of super car production in Northern Ireland. The car remains unique in that the bodywork is made of unpainted stainless steel and, although it was a colossal failure, the styling by Giorgetto Giugiaro who also styled the Lotus Esprit remains stunning even now.

The DeLorean was fatally compromised by its lacklustre V6 engine. The result was un underwhelming top speed of 109mph with 0-60 taking over 10 seconds. Although initially demand for the amazing looking car was strong, orders soon dried up. The British government had provided at least $120,000,000 to ensure that the car was made in Northern Ireland but the DeLorean company was mired in financial irregularity and it’s alleged that considerable sums went astray.

Only 9,000 were produced but it was immortalised by its appearance in the movie, “Back to the Future”.