Car Hire

Car Hire

As Spring 2023 breaks cover , we are launching a car-hire arm allowing customers to hire a Classic for a few hours or a few days.

This will allow customers who may be considering buying a car the chance to try one out but also allow visitors to our beautiful part of the UK to enjoy leisurely motoring with the windows or even the roof down.

We can also provide a picnic to enhance the experience from our Filling Station Cafe

Initially we have a short list of Classics which mirror the Great British Car Journey experience including an Austin Seven, Morris Minor, Classic Mini, MGB and MG F/ TF.

If you want to drive a wider range please remember you can also book an onsite Drive Dads Car Experience 

Car Hire for Events

We are also happy to hire out cars for special occasions such as Birthdays and Anniversaries and we have already supplied a small array of cars to Individuals and Companies who were celebrating a significant date and wanted a visual reminder of times past.