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eBike Tours Now Available from Ambergate

As part of our vision to turn the Great British Car Journey site into a tourism hub for the Peak District we have now teamed up with PeakePedals to offer eBike tours departing from Ambergate everyday.

Our site at Ambergate is an ideal spot for exploring the Derbyshire countryside as it is next to the Cromford Canal, Shining Cliff Woods, Crich Chase & the Derwent Valley Heritage Way so it is the perfect gateway for eBike tours into the Derbyshire Dales & Peak District National Park

These tours will help you discover the real Peak District by taking you down hidden trails, quiet country roads and popular cycle routes to uncover the best views, countryside, villages, attractions, pubs, cafes and historic sites so you can combine your visit to Great British Car Journey with a unique tour. There is also 10% off for all GBCJ visitors if you use this coupon code GBCJ10 at the checkout

Example Tours from Ambergate

Beginners Circuit

Custom Designed Circuit to let Novice eBikers Practice their skills on different terrains to see how they get on. A 90 minute experience which covers multiple laps of a 3 mile circuit

Wirksworth Loop

Explore the Derbyshire Countryside en route to Wirksworth from our Ambergate hub in an easy 3 hour circular tour with plenty of time for refreshment stops and to enjoy the spectacular scenery

Derwent Heights Loop

Explore both sides of the Derwent Valley in comfort harnessing the power of the eBike. Which landmark is highest? An exhilarating 3 hour 20 mile adventure on minor roads, canal paths & bike tracks

Why Book An eBike Tour?

If you have not tried an eBike before then these tours are a great way to try out this new form of transport and add an extra element to your time at the Great British Car Journey 

A Trip Down Memory Lane for Father’s Day

If you’re searching for a unique and unforgettable gift for Dad this Father’s Day, why not take him on a nostalgic trip down memory lane? At our museum, the Great British Car Journey, we boast an impressive collection of over 150 cars, with more than 50 available on the Drive Dad’s Car driving fleet for Dad to actually get behind the wheel and drive! Each car is a piece of automotive history, ready to reignite cherished memories and create new ones.
Whether you’re planning to visit us on Father’s Day itself or prefer the flexibility of a voucher for a future adventure, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to give Dad a truly nostalgic gift that he’ll treasure for years to come
So why settle for the ordinary when you can gift him an extraordinary journey through time?

Special Offer to Drive 2 Cars for just £99

This Father’s Day, make memories that will last a lifetime with this very special Drive Dad’s Car offer! Treat your dad to an unforgettable nostalgic experience with our Double the Memories special and enjoy the ultimate trip down memory lane together!

He can drive any 2 cars: Let Dad choose from our prestigious driving fleet of over 50 classic cars. Once purchased the voucher is valid for 12 months so can be used any time 

Share the excitement together! Dad can take you along for the ride as a passenger in both drives for free and you both get free museum entry too.

Sold separately this would normally cost £156, but for Father’s Day, it’s yours for just £99!. So don’t miss out and order today as offer ends midnight on the 15th June 2024

WARNING – we cannot be held responsible for your Dad’s actions if the following words are uttered during the drive:  “Are we nearly there yet?!” Or “I need a wee!”

All Dads Get Free Admission on Sunday 16th June

Make this Father’s Day truly memorable with our exclusive online only offer! 

Our special Father’s Day Family Ticket admits up to 4 adults and 3 children for just £38! so you can all enjoy a day filled with nostalgia as you all reminisce over old family cars and days gone by. We even have a child-friendly tour to keep younger members of the family entertained. The Filling Station Cafe is open too providing meals & snacks

Dads Go FREE: Show your appreciation for Dad with this special offer! Save £32 on the normal price as up to two 2 Dads can enjoy complimentary admission on Father’s Day with every family ticket.

This offer is valid only for pre-booked family tickets booked for admission on Father’s Day – 16th June 2024.

Give Dad the gift of a memorable experience this Father’s Day with Great British Car Journey. Book your tickets now and embark on a fun trip down memory lane

This fun video might bring back some memories and explain why we think a drive in one of our cars might make the perfect Father’s Day gift 

We also have an online shop with other great gift ideas for Father’s Day 

  • Gifts for over 100 different makes of car
  • 25+ different types of product available
  • Vouchers & Gift Cards
  • Fathers Day Cards 
  • Posters from the Museum
  • Upload your own car photo gifts 
  • Personalised signs & gifts

Great British Car Share Series 2 Now Available

After the success of Series 1 of the Great British Car Share the deadly duo Paul and Sarah are back together for Series 2 to continue their automotive journey down memory lane in some more of the Drive Dads Car fleet of classic British Cars available to drive. We are sure you will enjoy watching them try out the same cars that are available for our classic British Car driving experience. Cars driven include some real classic 60s & 70s cars including a Land Rover MK1, Triumph Stag and Ford Capri 

You can view our full You Tube Channel by clicking the red button below or click on the individual video thumbnails to watch different episodes

You will also be able to see all episodes from Series 1 here too

If you are interested in driving some of these cars yourself (or giving as a gift to someone else) then you can click on the blue button below to see the full fleet of cars available 

We hope you enjoy The Great British Car Share and it inspires you to visit Drive Dads Car or the Great British Car Journey for a very personal trip down memory lane where you will find many of the cars you grew up with

New Drive Dads Car Themed Bundles

Some of the most frequent feedback we get from people taking our Drive Dad’s Car driving experiences is that they “wish they could try more cars” or that “their drive reminded them of a particular moment in their life” – this feedback gave us the idea to launch a new range of multi car bundles tp help people get more out of their experience. Detailed below are the first of our new themed bundles being launched at a very special price just for this Christmas. Do you know anyone that might enjoy one of these?

If you like, loved or ever owned a Mini then you are bound to enjoy this 3 car experience.

You will get to drive 3 different Minis starting with the original MK1 Mini then see how it evolved and changed into the MK2 and then finally how it was refined to become the legendary racing car the Mini Cooper.

You will also get to see even more Minis as entrance to our interactive museum is also included as part of the bundle  

If you enjoyed TV detectives from the 70s and 80s then you will love our 3 car detective package.

Whether you are being Jack Regan from the Sweeney, Bodie or Doyle from the Professionals or the slightly more sedate Foyle you are bound to have a great day driving those 3 classic vehicles

You will also get to see even more Detectives Cars as entrance to our interactive museum is also included as part of the bundle. Including Morse’s Jaguar  

Herbert Austin was a pioneer of the British Car Industry and this unique bundle will let you experience how his cars evolved from 1937 to 1971.

You will drive 3 classic Austins starting with an Austin Seven you will then experience the next generation Austin A30 (launched to compete with the Morris Minor) and finally get to drive an iconic Austin 1275 GT

You will also get to see even more Austins as entrance to our interactive museum is also included as part of the bundle  

Christmas Lunches & Dinners at the Filling Station Cafe

We’re delighted to now offer evening meals alongside our Christmas lunches at the Filling Station Cafe this festive season for just £18.95 for 2-courses or £20.95 for 3-courses.

You and your friends, group, colleagues, organisation or family can book Monday to Thursday from 6pm-8pm throughout both November and December or Monday to Thursday in November from 12pm-2pm, and Monday to Friday in December 12pm-2pm for a really unique Christmas treat. We have a delicious traditional Christmas menu or you can choose from our standard menu 

For more information please contact us or email to book your festive get-together (minimum group size is 15 and maximum 40).

The Great British Car Journey is also a unique destination for any Corporate Event in Derbyshire 

We can also arrange private tours of the attraction during the winter months or classic car driving sessions tailored to your specific group 

We are a lot more than just a summer visitor attraction and can offer the best Christmas events in Ambergate, Derbyshire and the Peak District for anybody that enjoys a bit of nostalgia   


Triumph Stag

A four seater convertible with Italian style and a V8 engine. Sold between 1970 and 1978 as a luxury sports car to compete with Mercedes Benz S Class. The Stag was a huge success when launched in the UK where it now enjoys cult status but never cracked the US market that it was originally targeted at

Sunbeam Rapier

Fresh air motoring for the whole family provided by the Rootes Group in the early 60s. With styling cues from Studebaker, the Rapier cut quite a dash with two tone paint, plenty of chrome and pronounced rear fins. The Rapier sold well in both saloon and convertible form (both of which you can see at the Great British Car Journey) and competed with distinction in rallies like the Monte Carlo.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is historically the world’s most famous luxury car brand. We have both a Silver Spirit and Silver Shadow at the great British car Journey as well as other luxury cars like Bentleys and Daimlers. This Silver Spirit is unmistakably a Rolls-Royce both inside and out. Effortlessly eating up the road with a cabin full of leather and varnished wood, this car has a presence and pedigree beyond doubt.

Hillman Imp

Perhaps the best remembered of the Hillman cars the Imp ws built in a new Scottish factory, the Imp was Rootes’ attempt to take on the Mini. Poor build quality and early unreliability took its toll and although it is fondly remembered by many, it only achieved 10% of the Mini’s sales figures.

Jaguar XJS

Often unfairly criticised as not being as striking as the E type, the XJS is in fact the best selling car Jaguar has ever made. Whether in Six cylinder or V12 form, coupe or convertible, the XJS offered distinctive style and effortless cruising in a very British form.

Stylish New Clear Water Bottle Range Launched

As part of our commitment to continue rolling out new products as part of the Great British Cars range, we are delighted to announce the launch of a range of multi image water bottle designs for our most popular cars.

The designs feature small images of our actual cars (from the Great British Cars Range) printed on the clear bottles with a durable UV cured ink to make them both practical and stylish for all car lovers.

This style of water bottle has become increasing popular and ours are both unique and priced at just £12.95 each.

This 750ml capacity clear water bottle is a great way to keep yourself hydrated and fits perfectly in most car cup holders. It is easy to carry around so stops you using disposable plastic bottles so both saves you money and the planet!

It has a screw top lid with a foldable spout that helps you to avoid spills and the internal straw means it’s easy to drink from without tipping the bottle.

Great British Cars Merchandise Range Now Available

Great British Cars Range Now Available

Since we opened over two years ago we have always wanted to offer a wider range of merchandise featuring all the cars in our museum and providing options for all tastes and budgets. The Great British Cars range is the result of more than 12 months of research, design and testing which, we believe, represents the widest selection of classic British car merchandise available. Please take a look and tell us what you think.

The Great British Cars range is a celebration of the most iconic cars ever made in the UK. The range comprises a collection of high quality products, all created using stylish photos of actual cars from the Great British Car Journey exhibition and Drive Dad’s Car fleet.

We have focussed on proven popular product types, like t-shirts, mugs, drinks bottles, fridge magnets, and coasters, but we aim to soon introduce other products following customer feedback.

Our vision is to offer something for every car in the museum and every car on the Drive Dad’s Car fleet.

We already stock some of the more popular car / product combinations in our onsite gift shop, we are using the latest print-on-demand technology to ensure we have 1000s of additional products always available in our online gift shop.

New Cars Added to the Drive Dads Car Fleet

We are excited to announce that we have now increased our Drive Dads Car Fleet to over 40 classic cars that are all available to be driven. We think we were already the widest selection of classic cars available to drive in the UK so these 7 new models just make it even more likely we will be able to take you or your loved ones on a nostalgic trip down memory lane 

Mini Clubman Estate

Out went the wooden rear end and in came some stick on stripes as the Mini Traveller became the Clubman Estate. Production ended when the Metro was launched as the little hatchback was actually more spacious.

Austin A30

The A30 was the post-war successor to the Austin 7. Launched in 1951, it sold well but was not a match for the Morris Minor which was bigger and launched three years earlier.

Austin A40

Styled by Pininfarina. Compared to the rather rotund A30, it looked crisp and modern even though it relied on the trusty A series engine to power it along. Another fondly remembered Austin .​


Putting a V6 engine into the highly capable Rover 45 shell and restyling it as an MG worked wonders and with 175 BHP on tap, this was a serious performance car., The ZS was a worthy big brother to the equally successful ZR.

Ford Cortina MK4

The family Ford for over twenty years. The Cortina was part of the UK street furniture for 30 years. This MKIV shows off the squarer body that was considered in line with contemporary "folded paper" fashion of the time ​

Ford Granada MK1

Initially built at Dagenham with a 2.5 litre V6 engine, the Granada offers comfort and a very relaxing drive. Made famous by “The Sweeney” whose car was in fact a Consul, the Granada was an aspirational large Ford.​

Vauxhall Chevette

The Chevette shared much of the Viva’s running gear but clothed in an attractive hatchback body. Eventually it was also offered in booted form but the original car was the first small/medium hatchback available in the UK from a mainstream maker.​ Now a very rare car.

If you want to find our more about our Drive Dads Car driving experience please click on the button below to visit our dedicated website that shows all the other cars available and gives you lots more information about the booking process, costs and the format

Merchandise Range Update for 2023

Last year we launched our first foray into car merchandise with our licensing deal with Autocar Magazine for their beautiful cover illustrations . After speaking with our visitors, members and fans we have found that there is an appetite for a much more comprehensive range of classic car merchandise so we have been hard at work getting this organised and today sees the roll out of an ambitious programme to satisfy the demand for quality merchandise for all the classic cars on display at the Great British Car Journey

50+ New Autocar Cover Illustrations Released Today

We have curated 53 new Autocar covers that look great and celebrate some of the classics then we have added them to our wall art range on our online gift shop. To celebrate this until the 31st May 2023 we have reduced the prices on our entry level wall art so everybody can enjoy these iconic designs – just click on the buttons below to search the full range of 150+ covers

This is just the start and over the next few weeks we will be launching the “Great British Cars” merchandise range followed by lots of new products and a completely revamped online shop – please sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed 

For the Great British Cars range we want to create products for every classic in the museum and we are using photos of our actual cars to create more visually appealing merchandise – take a look at the samples below. If you have a favourite car in the museum that you would love to buy merchandise for then please email me and I am sure we can help

Come & Meet the Fleet on the 27th May

With over 35 cars available to drive as part of the Drive Dads Car Experience it is not often you get to see them all on display at the same time and to add to the excitement we will be adding 5 new cars to the fleet on the day. This will take our cars available to drive to over 40 different models – the largest selection of its kind in the UK by some way.

This means you will get to see all 40 Drive Dads cars alongside the 130+ cars in the museum making this a very special day for all classic car fans.

Tickets for the day are for museum entry and to view the full fleet – drives must be booked separately and are not available on the 27th. You can pay for entry on the day but if you book online in advance you will save 10% on your tickets.

We will also be offering some very special deals that will only be available to visitors attending the Meet the Fleet day that will make great Father’s Day presents or just enable you to try out more and more cars with extra discounts…

Classic Collection car drives will be reduced from £49 to to £30!

Premium Collection car drives reduced from £65 to £39!

Luxury Collection car drives from £75 down to £49!

NB: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

To book tickets for the day click the red button below.

This blog is on the Great British Car Journey website so please click here if you want to go back to the Drive Dads Car Website.

1958 Nash Metropolitan

Nash Metropolitan 1958 donated in September 2022 by Michael McLean. 

The Nash is a real piece of Automotive Americana built in Longbridge by Austin and exported in considerable numbers. This UK market car is a real time-warp car and we are truly privileged to be its current custodians. Like so many cars at Ambergate, we will never see anything quite like it again. On display in Chapter 2

To see ALL our cars visit Great British Car Journey … The Interactive Museum where you can even drive more than 40 Classic cars.

1997 Jaguar XJ Sport 3.2

This Jaguar XJ Sport 3.2 1997 was donated by Stuart Sorockyj in December 2022. 

This car belonged to Stuart’s father in law and has been well looked after and cherished for many years. Another product of Ford’s tenure of the Jaguar brand, it combines the original shape of Lyon’s XJ6 with a silky smooth six cylinder engine and a sumptuous interior. 

“Laura” 1972 Triumph 1500

This Triumph 1500 1972 “Laura” donated by Sam Malins in December 2022. 

Sam was given this car by her father in 1997 before she had a driving license and when she passed her test it was her daily driver for a number of years. Prior to Sam, Laura had one owner who finally stopped driving at the age of 94 having covered 27,000 miles in 25 years. Laura is now retired with 57,000 miles on the clock but she drives very well which is a testament to the care lavished on her for more than 50 years. On display in Chapter 4 next to a Triumph Toledo.

1981 Ford Dorchester Granada by Coleman Milne

This beautiful 1981 Ford Dorchester Granada by Coleman Milne has been donated in February 2023 by Andy Lord and is now on display in Chapter 7. 

We love limousines at Great British Car Journey and have a number of fine Daimlers on display with a few more in reserve. However, Although Daimler were the most prolific Limo constructors in the UK , they were by no means alone. Bolton-based Coleman Milne have been producing funeral cars and hearses since the 1950s and this car was delivered to Chesterfield Co-op funeral services in 1981 . 

In 1993, Andy was working as a software engineer and developed a package for undertakers. The Co-op was renewing its fleet and he bought the car and looked after it for the next 30 years. It has covered a mere 40,000 fairly leisurely miles and is now parked in front of a Daimler DS420 in Chapter 7/8.

1999 Jaguar XJ8

Jaguar XJ8 1999 donated by Ian Lingard in March 2023 … currently awaiting service and recommissioning in the workshop. A fine example of a car produced at a time when Ford were pouring plenty of money into Jaguar. This was the first Jaguar saloon to be powered by a V8 engine which delivered almost 300bhp and loads of torque. Ian’s car has been dry stored for many years and not started for at least a decade. We will hopefully bring her back to life. If anyone has a spare offside front wing , we would be delighted to make you an offer as this is the only blemish on a very nice car.