ARROL-JOHNSTON XS2 1902 : Scottish Innovation

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ARROL-JOHNSTON XS2 1902: Scottish Innovation

George Johnston was prosecuted in 1895 for driving his “horseless carriage” through the streets of Glasgow. This was probably the first car made in Great Britain.

Sir William Arrol, whose company built the Forth bridge, financed a new company with Johnston and the six seater “dog cart” displayed here was their first commercially available model. This car was built in 1902 at the Arrol-Johnston factory in Paisley. It is one of the oldest cars in the country.

We are grateful to the late Geoffrey Plaister and the trustees of the Plaister Charitable Foundation for the loan of this very special British car.

The Foundation exists to relieve the suffering of any Crabbet Arab horses, to educate the public about the breed and ensure its preservation.